Who deserves my sperm?

All ordinary reality shows have ordinary prizes. But this one has the most extraordinary prize ever, something never seen in TV: the semen of a perfect donor. The new generation of reality is born, literally.

He is the perfect donor: he is rich, healthy, highly intelligent and prepared to offer his genetic patrimony to a woman. This however will not be just any woman: she must be the perfect woman, because only a truly perfect woman deserves his semen.

However, in order to win, the 10 contestants, carefully selected from the hundreds of candidates, must prove themselves in a series of difficult trials, under the watchful eye of the mysterious donor and his uncompromising representatives. Only the best one will obtain his semen and be able to undergo the assisted reproduction.

The final decision however is that of the donor: will he wish to remain anonymous and therefore disappear forever, or will he reveal himself so that he can officially become a part of his future child’s life?

A controversial and mighty reality show, which will certainly get people talking. Who will have the courage to air it?

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