On your skin

On Your Skin is the first game in the world in which the answers are written on the skin, in an original and explosive mix of body painting, fashion and quiz. Uncover the model and find the right answer!

On Your Skin is a gameshow with a great visual impact, because the answers and the sums of money are “hidden” in a part of the bodies of 10 charming models (female and male).

The rules are really simple. In each episode there are 2 contestants: 1 male and 1 female.

In the first round (BODY MEMORY), the 2 contestants have to guess which models hide the right answers to the questions asked by the host.

In the second round (SIDE A / SIDE B) the contestants, after hearing the question, have to decide if they want to uncover side A (chest) or side B (back) of the models.

In the third round (THE CATEGORIES) the contestants have to guess if an answer on the bodied of the model belongs to a category given or not.

And in the final round (BODY CASH) the champion has to decide in which order to choose the models who have hidden in a part of her/his body a key word of a question, and in another part a sum of money (from 50€ to 500€). Can she or he win the whole jackpot, uncovering the right sequence?

On Your Skin: the game which leaves a mark.

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Distributed in Latin America by Fly Content Tv