Making Off

There is something new in talent shows! MAKING OFF for the very first time gives classical singing talents a new dimension: video! In this format the contestants not only have to sing a song, but also to perform a whole videoclip of it.

The rules are simple. 4 famous singers are joined by 2 pupils each. In the first 4 episodes, 2 contestants from different teams, together with their singer-coaches, have to create and perform an original videoclip of a song with their coach.

We’ll follow step by step all the phases of the making of the 2 videoclips (from the make-up of the aspiring singers, to directing and lighting the clip…), and the final version of them. 3 expert judges will vote, considering all the aspects: interpretation, originality, coherence with the song…

After the first round, the 4 remaining contestants challenge each other in 2 semifinals, and in the 7th episode there will be the Grand Final between the 2 remaining finalists with the same rules. The winner will have the chance to play a part in the next “official” videoclip of his/her singer-coach, as well as possibly a money prize.

The complexity of the videoclips increases through the episodes, from simple “street clips” at the beginning to the highly complex one of the finale.