Little magicians

Get spellbound as the star magicians of the future perform their stunning tricks before the whole nation. Trained at the Academy of Magic they are prepared to put their spell on the TV-viewers in the fight for the title of Little Magician of the Year!

Little Magicians is a perfect format for viewers of all ages, which unites two of the major trends of the last few years: young protagonists and great magic.

In fact for the very first time, young and very young people with a talent for illusion and conjuring tricks, guided by professional experts, will be challenged with prestigious games of the highest level, leaving us breathless.

Thanks to the continual work and daily practice with their coaches in our Wizards’ Academy, each episode will feature an increasingly spectacular performance.

The contestants’ improvement in the art of magic is illustrated by the colour of wands, which change from white to platinum, showing the technical ability achieved by each contestant.

The grand magical finale consists of a series of breathtaking head to head clashes, until the last wave of the wand, elevating one of them to the position of Young Magician of the Year.


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