Dancing dogs, opera singing parrots, piano playing cats, acrobatic monkeys, painting horses… We have all been amused by animal clips on the internet and we continue to be fascinated by the special relationship between people and their pets. Eei-Eei-Oh! is the television celebration of all of this. In a big shiny floor studio, owners present their beloved pets to a panel of judges with the winner of each episode qualifying for the grand finale.

Eei-Eei-Oh is the first talent show exclusively dedicated to the animals.

In each episode 10 animals perform spectacular act in studio, alone or together with their owners. The performances can be very different, but mainly of artistic character (dance, song, various acrobatics…), or referred to a specific ability (gymnastics, sports; capability to make calculation or other kinds). The animals, too, can be very different: from the most common ones (in particular dogs and horses) to the more unusual ones (monkeys, birds…).

Each contestant and his owner are always introduced by an engaging RVM that tells where they live and what they do in their own surroundings.

At the end of each performance, the 4 members of the jury express their vote, with a marking from 1 PAW to 4 PAWS. In case of particularly unsatisfying performances, they can express their negative vote pushing the “HOWLING BUTTON” (0 points): an acoustic effect of a howling dog.

In the 6th and last episode we’ll see the performances of the 2 finalists of the 5 previous episodes, plus 2 which have been given a second chance. With a special mechanism who involve the public in the studio, each jury member will be the “coach” of three finalist animals.
After progressive eliminations, only 4 animals will remain, but of course there will be only 1 winner, who gets the honour and the prize: 25.000€.

Eei-Eei-Oh: the heart-warming, fascinating and funny show for the whole family!

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