The new frontier of interactivity in TV

Without any doubt, Augmented Reality is one of the top emerging technologies of these years: market analysts, such as ABI Research, IDC and Digi-Capital, believe that it is on the cusp of going mainstream. There are already many applications of AR, in several areas (education, medicine/healthcare, tourism, game, real estate, industrial design…), as well as[…]


During May and June 2019 Axel Fiacco will hold practical training sessions on Game Shows for managers and professionals (writers, directors…) of RSI, the public Italian Television of Switzerland. The aim of the seminars is to create an effective Game-show –according to brief given by the broadcaster- building it with local and international appeal.


The innovative series of short youth drama, optioned by the Chinese multi-media group ZESPA MEDIA. Please request the password here


In all talent shows the viewers can see and listen to what happens on TV only passively, or at the most they can vote for their favourite contestants. But this was in the past. In YOU TALENT viewers can sing together with the studio contestants and even challenge and take over their place in the[…]


GAME OF DRONES (GOD) is the first game in the world which puts at the very center of its concept (and not simply using it as a camera) one of the most  revolutionary technologies of the last years: drone. An innovative, fast-paced action game which permits to watch the world from the sky, enter everywhere,[…]


The Chinese house of production and distribution ZESPA MEDIA ( has optioned the series of short youth drama ‘Spielberg’ (working title) created by BicFormats.  ZESPA MEDIA, an independent multi-media group based in Bejing and London, will contribute with their experience to develop and finally launch the series into the Chinese market.  

LIGHT MY FIRE won the MipFormats Pitch 2018

MIPFORMATS: LIGHT MY FIRE won  the Formagination competition and earned a development deal with Israel’s Armoza Formats here in Cannes. The panel of judges consisting of Avi Armoza, founder and CEO at Armoza Formats; Nehama Cohen, head of development at Armoza Formats; Daria Leygonie Fialko, MD of Russia’s CTC Network; Alex Piper, VP of alternative entertainment at[…]